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Jan 10, 2007

Went on a day out (the only way of really getting away from the studio) to Southwold on Saturday in the pouring rain. The perfect weather for a day in the home-town of Adnams Ales. First stop The Swan for a coffee and a warm-up by the fire.
A paddle along the main street then to The Lord Nelson for lunch and a glass of special cough medicine. In the winter Adnams brew what they call "Old Ale" (right).

Happy - Jimmie Bratcher

I've been down a mighty long time - Drunken Prayer (Oregon, USA)
This isn't 'Americana' - it's authentic, unapologetic American music, straight, no irony chaser. They are:
Morgan Christopher Geer (guitar, sing)
Miss Audra (keys, sing)
Keith Richard McCarthy (bass)
Kevin James Still (drums)
Collectively described as Grainy, blurry, black and white.
Sat January 20th  The World Famous Kenton Club 2025 N Kilpatrick - Heaven in NoPo
Sat January 27th  Outlaw's 722 E. Burnside St, Portland, OR 97204
Sat March 3rd  Duff's Garage 1635 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR w/ Moonshine Hangover and Seattle's own North Twin $5
Fri July 6th   The Grey Eagle 185 Clingman Ave,  Asheville, NC 28801  w/ the Hellsayers  $7

A note from Al Stravinsky - has some tunes for sale on the PMN
"I've about 50 songs of as close to broadcast quality as I can get and I'm remixing/re-posting them at a rate of about 1 every other day, so please stop by again soon for a listen.

You Don't Know - The Sarah Mac Band  (Florida, USA)
From their EP Countdown to Silence.
This trio serves up an impossible to categorize, but easy to listen to blend of styles that is refreshing and honest. The combination of exceptional vocal lines, intricate guitar work and funk-influenced bass lines converge into a sound that has to be heard to be believed.
There have been a number of rumors circulating via the internet and other types of media about the SMB. (If you have not heard these rumors please go to our rumors page and start one. If you have already started one we thank you for supporting our dis-information campaign.) In light of the ever-growing number of unsubstantiated rumors about who we are we felt it best to add our thoughts in to the mix.
20 Jan 2007      The Shamrock     Gainesville, Florida
2 Feb 2007         621 Gallery @ Railroad Square     Tallahassee, Florida
31 Mar 2007         Springtime Tallahassee     Tallahassee, Florida

Internet Music Benefiting Entire Music Industry  January 5th, 2007

Apparently Digital music consumers listen to more music, enjoy more new music, talk more about music and attend more concerts, according to a survey released today by the Digital Media Association (DiMA).

Consumers of innovative online music services are reviving the music economy as they enjoy more music and more new music in every way possible, and most importantly, as they introduce their friends to the music and online services they enjoy.

One More Day - The Velmas  (New York, USA)
From their album Station

Since 1999, the Velmas - bassist Todd "Figaro" Minnick, guitarist Mike "Harvey" Grosshandler and drummer Michael "Bruce" Bruce - have been entertaining upstate New York. The Velmas are the Kings of Rock around Albany and Syracuse, NY, and are gaining popularity throughout the U.S.
The Velmas released their second full-length album, Station, on City Canyons Records on October 31, 2006.

Wed 21 Feb - Baltimore, MD
Thurs 22 Feb - Philadelphia, PA
Fri 9 Feb - Amsterdam, NY
Fri 23 Feb - Albany, NY
Fri 2 Mar - Albany, NY
Sat 3 Mar - Glenville, NY

Hawai'i - comments about sovereignty from Kimo Watanabe and Eileen Meyer

Tale of Goat - Secret Archives of the Vatican (London, UK)
From the album Babylon Halt
Louis and Vince, this track features Marion Davis on violin and Emma Bentham on flute.
Louis met Vince back in 1987 and was a fan of Secret Archives of the  Vatican's tape releases from the very first one in 1989.  In 1996 Louis started working with Vince on some tracks for a live set at the Cross Rhythms festival.
The London-based collective is making eclectic transglobal beats with a dub, South-Asian and Arabian breakbeat triphop flavour. Have released many private recordings as well as contributing to compilations in Europe and US. Have had radio play in over 20 countries and have played at several festivals.
Secret Archives played live in London in December at the Costa Urbana event in Notting Hill Arts Club. It was a great gig, with an up-for-it crowd and a full-on party vibe!
Our two regular percussionists, Tom Gregory and Paul Midgley met for the first time - on stage! -  and shook the house with a barrage of darabuka and bendir grooves.

Marina Florence gig The Wine Press on 26th Jan.

Winelight update
Nell Bryden UK tour cancelled - Unfortunately Nell Bryden has had to cancel her UK tour and therefore will not be headlining the Big Night Out at the Norwich Arts Centre on 6th February. Jamie Woon and Fiona Bevan are definitely on.

What's Its All About - Marcus Williams  (Bali, Indonesia)
From album Unspoken Words
The music that Marcus creates is entirely original and uses no samples. He seems to produce commissioned music for films as well as CD releases.
Download Marcus Lastest CD Unspoken Words available only at exclusively. Download Your CD today!
You should be able to find more of Marcus's music if you search at:

Love Always, Charlie - 7 Shot Screamers (Missouri, USA)
Mike Leahy (Vocals), Deano Sabella (Guitar), Chris Powers Jr (Upright Bass) and Kevin O'Connor (Drums)

7 Shot Screamers have travelled the USA for years and played with some of the biggest names in rock and roll. In doing so, they have made quite a name for themselves as well and have developed one of the most unique styles of music around.

20 Jan    Creepy Crawl, Saint Louis
2 Feb     Sams Buger Joint "Blood Feast 5" with Calabrese and more! San Antonio, Texas
3 Feb     Emo's "Blood Feast 5" w/ Concombre Zombi and more! Austin, Texas
4 Feb     Chapa's Bar "The Pit", Brownsville, Texas
5 Feb     Lucky Devils,    El Paso, Texas
6 Feb     The Compound, Albuquerque, New Mexico
8 Feb     Trilogy Theater, Victorville, California
9 Feb     The Vibe w/ The Moonlight Cruisers and The Rocketz! Riverside, California
10 Feb    Anarchy Library w/ The Moonlight Cruisers and The Rocketz! Los Angeles, California

I hope this year is better than the last - The Alice Project (New York)
Alice Leon - lead diva, rhythm guitar, keyboards, Alan Greene - bass/ vocals, Scott Strunk - drums, James Leahey - guitar/ vocals, Scott Monetti - keyboards/ vocals
NY-based band that specializes in melodic, hooky, tuneful pop/rock. ... Alice Leon is a singer and songwriter who's been creating smart appealing songs for one million years.
Alice wants to thansk the "Pod People" for beaming in from outerspace and creating GOOD radio for earthlings.
As with The Alice Project's acclaimed debut, 1999's The Big Number, Alice wrote all the music and lyrics and handled most of the arrangements on Travelling with Lady Berlin with Keyboardist Scott Monetti.
January 17th, McCarter Theater, Princeton
January 19th Side Bar (cigar bar) / Famished Frog, Morristown NJ
January 27th, The Ivy Inn, Princeton NJ 08202