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Nov 23, 2006

Oh boy, exciting times and although completely exhausting the adrenalin is really flowing with lots of exciting things happening.
I mentioned living in Chelsea (London) when Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren had their clothes shop SEX on the Kings Road. You'll find lots of pictures of the shop on the web but here"s where we lived at number 436 (I think it was). The ground floor and basement were used by Island Records bands as a rehearsal space but it's now a rather classy art gallery.

Happy - Jimmie Bratcher

Love and Luck - Cantrip (Netherlands)
A second outing for Cantrip since I last played them back in May. I moaned on about not being able to turn the music off. Within half an hour of posting the show, I had a reply from the band's drummer:
In the brown menu on the right which pops up when you hover the little radio on the website… it says: ‘stop muziek’… which stands for ‘stop music’…
I really enjoyed the show… again… ;-)
We are updating the site in the new year… we’ll make it easier and… English!
Great many thanks,
That is the sort of thing that makes this podcast such fun - Jazper obviouisly never sleeps either!

Cyril - The Malloys (London, UK)   FIRST PLAY
Refreshingly loud and energetic punk from this London-based band. Cyril gets its first podcast outing on Suffolk 'n" Cool.

Kiran Hungin on the life of a singer/songwriter today trying to ply her trade in the current music scene.

Hold on - Kiran Hungin (London, UK)
A poignant song which is on Kiran's MySpace site. If you get the chance to see her live, take it. The sound that comes out of her as she sings is quite amazing. Intelligent and articulate songs.

Daylight - The Shakes (London, UK)
A remarkably appropriate song given my current nocturnal habits. Also appropriate for a band playing a semi darkened conference room in central London on Saturday.  It was Podcastcan UK. All the great and good were there and a brilliant time was had by all. You really should see the now infamous Stealth Disco video which was shot during the day and shown immediately after the Shakes played. Find it at

Stones and Honey - Kelly Brock (Vancouver, BC)
Another beautiful song from Kelley with some really interesting (what sounds like) sitar. Great to have Kelly on the show again.

Sorry about the very short show notes again. I must get to bed for a few hours before tomorrow. Oh, it is tomorrow!

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