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Jan 26, 2011

Something Happened - a session at the barn (Norfolk and Suffolk, UK)

A live session from the Suffolk'n'Cool barn features the considerable talents of Terence Blacker and Derek Hewitson, collectively known as Something Happened. 

The repertoire comprises new songs of their own and some lovely old songs from up to 100 years ago. If you are into new music, don't let that put you off. So am I - this is rather special. So was the session with Derek, Terence and his dog braving a trip through the snow to the barn for music and fascinating conversation. 

Get your listening ears on and appreciate the songs for what they have to say. Their specialism is in material which explores the ways that taste and acceptability has changed over the past century, and will undoubtedly continue to change.

During the course of their full evening show Taboo-be-do! - Hits and misses from the politically incorrect songbook, they aim to be totally fair and in doing so accept that with a bit of luck, they will probably offended everyone at one point or another. That seems reasonable! It is also rather enlightening.

You'll also be able to catch a programme that they are presenting for BBC Radio 4 - due on air in June.

Featured songs:

Mississippi Delta Blues - Neville/Rodgers, 1933

Shine - Mack/Dabney, 1910

I'd rather be French - Blacker 2009

Hungry Women, 1922

Sad Old Bastards with Guitars, Blacker

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