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Jul 28, 2010

Some particularly interesting tunes for you this week (yeah, I know, they always are!) from San Francisco, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Niger, the UK, France and Nashville. Also news of some offers, a competition and an artist who could do with your feedback.

In need of fresh air and photographs headed over to Aldeburgh this morning for an hour of total break. Beautiful.


Moving On - The Famous (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Take the ‘50s-era country of Hank Williams, Sr. and filter it through ‘70s punk rock, ‘80s psychobilly, and ‘90s post-punk. You’ll find yourself staring eye-to-eye with San Francisco’s own “Pixies in a cowboy hat.”

“You can pound your fist on my front door / But it’s been too long, I don’t need you anymore.” Laurence Scott sings the opening line of “Better Things,” from the Famous’ 2005 debut Light, Sweet Crude, like he really means it. He might be singing about an old lover, an old friend — heck, even an old car — but the line could just as well be a kiss-off to the staid country and Americana his band seems all too happy to leave behind in a cloud of dust.



Cage Against the Machine

Could we be on for a "silent night" on Radio 1 at Christmas?


I Can't Feel - Matthew Dear (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

A track from the consistently excellent Ghostly International label.

After meeting Ghostly founder Sam Valenti IV at a house party in the late 90s, Dear eventually produced the A-Side for the label’s first 12” release, Hands Up for Detroit. Since then, Dear issued his pop-infused debut album Leave Luck to Heaven and its counterpart Backstroke, which caught mainstream attention, as well as myriad releases under his club-oriented pseudonyms 

Matthew Dear’s Black City can’t be found on any map. It’s a composite, an imaginary metropolis peopled by desperate cases, lovelorn souls, and amoral motives. Like most literary Gothams, 'Black City' is a place to love and hate.

Make a note that Street Release is scheduled for Aug 17 but Digital Release happens on Aug 03

Black CityMatthew Dear "I Can't Feel" (mp3) from "Black City" (Ghostly International) More On This Album


Selene - Imagine Dragons (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

Combining synth-laden rock and infectious dance grooves, Imagine Dragons comes off both anthemic and eccentric. By way of Vegas, the quintet brings the restless energy of “the city that never sleeps” to the masses with its 2010 sophomore EP “Hell and Silence.” A short, yet impressive history includes sharing the stage with indie notables Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Nico Vega and The Envy Corps and opening for mainstream acts such as Blue October, Jet, and Kelly Clarkson.



Justin Wayne - congratulations


Yes! I'm French - Gypsy Nomads (New York)

Video contest

In support of their ‘HAPPY MADNESS’ album release as well as the French national holiday Bastille Day (July 14th), The Gypsy Nomads launched the “Yes! I’m French” Video Competition on, challenging fans and French culture enthusiasts to create their own videos, using the Animoto service, set to their song of the same title. Fans can visit this custom link to grab the song and work on their own “Yes! I’m French” video:  Full details about the contest can be found here:


Subajo - Etran Finatawa (Niger)

From a Rough Guide Music compilation album Desert Blues.

Etran Finatawa’s musicians come from Niger which is one of the three poorest countries in the world, it is a landlocked country in West Africa bordered by Mali, Algeria, Libya, Chad and Nigeria. Niger has a very rich cultural heritage and sits at a desert crossroads between the Berber and Arab cultures of the North and the many sub-Saharan cultures of the South. In Niger there are eleven different ethnic groups most of whom are farmers or pastoralists, both sedentary and nomadic. Amongst them are the Tuareg and Wodaabe, many of whom are still nomadic. They move with their camels, long-horned cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys seeking pastures along the Sahelian savannah at the fringes of the South Sahara.

New album Tarkat Tajje-Let´s go! was released in March 2010.

The band have been in the US for a couple of weeks and have one remaining date at the Lincoln Center Festival Outdoors in New York City on 1st August.

The Rough Guide To Desert BluesEtran Finatawa "Subajo" (mp3) from "The Rough Guide To Desert Blues" (Rough Guides/World Music Network) Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This Album


Skully Said - Jesta (Lancashire, UK)

Jesta is taking part in the Cyber PR blogging challenge and could really use some listener feedback. He has a very short questionnaire set up on his site at and is offering copies of the new CD (just as soon as it is finished) as random prizes for folks who help him out with the feedback.

Music Success in Nine Weeks - Ariel Hyatt


Charming Grass - Hymas (Spycker, France)

From the Jamendo album Hymas 2, the follow up to Hymas. I can tell you nothing more but commend you to download both albums. Big fat in-your-face beats with loads of beautifully played bass and some great drumming whilst also weaving in some really subtle little touches which just keep you listening. 


Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'

185 voices from 12 countries

Composed and conducted by Eric Whitacre, produced and managed by Scott Haines. Please get over and take a look. Amazing.


Certains adultes errent - Kapadnoms (France)

Translates as "Some adults roam". Preceded by a rather fun little intro(version Brigitte Piaf) from the album "Un Point C'est Tout".

Les kapadnoms developpent le concept de musique en patchwork liant l electro swing au hiphop en passant par des chansons a texte plus intimes ,le tout releve d'une plume hiphop engagee,parfois pluspart des enregistrements sont fait en autoproduction dans un homestudio et sont composees et arrangees par informatique,les musiciens travaillent les adaptations pour les lives...

Download a whole load of their excellent materials from Jamendo


Adnams Broadside in Mini Casks

Yay. Adnams Broadside Mini Casks now available online (virtual order ... real flavour!


New Cluck Old Hen - Paul Burch & WPA Ballclub (Nashville, TN, USA)

I played some of Paul Burch's music on previous shows and, if you heard them, you may remember that he is releasing two tracks a month. This track is one of this month's pair. 

Paul has been over in the UK in the past few days playing a tight schedule of shows in the north east and London. But it just hasn't been possible to hook up, perhaps next time.