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Jul 17, 2010

Sorry to interrupt your Saturday, or whatever day it is that you're reading/listening, but I just had a very excited call from Jeremy Gugenheim (The G Spot) who is at the Latitude Festival this weekend and who has just seem School of Seven Bells perform an astounding set and I thought you might like to hear what all the fuss is about or, if you are at Latitude, to have a little reminder of what it's all about.

Half Asleep - School of Seven Bells (New York, NY, USA)

A couple of SoSB tracks from previous Suffolk'n'Cool shows are available for free, and legal download via IODA. If you go to show 142 and 140, you'll be able to download Connjur and the track from this show, called Half Asleep.

Enjoy them and then get the albums which are on Ghostly International.

Their latest album, Disconnect from Desire is also available now at Amazon and on iTunes.