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Feb 25, 2009

45 minutes or so of the finest new music from around the planet - well, from Germany, New York, UK, India, Georgia, Italy and Gravesend!
Spring well and truely sprung on Saturday in Aldeburgh here on the Suffolk coast (right), where us celebs hang out together ;-)
C'mon Babe - The Dots (Dresden and Berlin, Germany)
If the sound is vaguely familiar - it doesn"t surprise me because The Dots also opened last week's show.
From the 2007 album Fashion For The Dressed And Naked, available on Jamendo, as is the 2008 5-track EP Fake modern love songs.
Art Hustle - Vocals, Percussion
C.Blitzschutz - Bass, Vocals
MKO Swillus - Organ, Vocals
Dr.Valentine - Guitar, Vocals
Nils A. Antiknock - Drums and Percussion

Die to Live - Luthea Salom (New York, NY, USA)
From the excellent Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter, produced between NY and Skopje, (Macedonia) by Malcolm Burn and Luthea herself.

Faking the Thousand Mile Stare - Catgut (UK)
A new album from the enigmatic Catgut who, quite fittingly produces quirky, idiosyncratic and quite charming songs.
Catgut is based somewhere in the UK and reveals very little about himself. Do visit his site though.

Mystic Dances - Sagnik Basu & Krishnaroop Chakravarthi (Kolkata, India)
From the Jamendo album Sheherezad - The Tales of the Wandering Prince.
"We began playing by playing unconvention in front of convention...
What we mean is we experimented in the classical genre in front of rock appreciating crowd. What came in the end are two albums after which we discovered who we truly are.
At the end of Shehrezad we incorporated all that the new world of music has to offer -  New Age, Fusion, Ethnic etc and this evolution will continue years after Shehrezad.
Shehrezad is close to our heart because in it we have incorporated all we have learnt in the journey of music.
Sagnik - Sarod, Keyboard, Bass, Drum Arrangements
Krishnaroop - Tabla, Duff, Khanjira, Voice on Sheherezad
Sarang Sheth - Vocals
Prem Joshua - Mantras in Guru - The Master

Fusion - something of a dirty word - and I'm not the only one to think so.

I Know It Sounds Funny (The Spank Me Song) - Woof / Ken Clarke (Georgia, USA)
A thoroughly odd track - it almost feels politically incorrect - we're all victims of the thought police aren't we?
Ken Clark, Rick Fowler, Sherry Joyce, John Williams

Codger's been earning his keep as the interwebs plumber over the past couple of days, helping me shift a site from one hosting provider to another. My worry is that he suggests payment in beer and my suspicion is that he'll be expecting payment when we meet up for the podcrawl. Oh dear, dear dear.
He played a track by Sardinia Bass Legalize on the Dub Zone  

Barricada (feat Dr. Boost) - Sardinia Bass Legalize (Sardinia)
From the excellent album Visions Of My Land released May 2008 through the A Quiet Bump net label, based in Sardinia.
"Sardinia Bass Legalize project started in July 2006 after a period of collaborations between King Kietu and Sensitivedub.
Dr Boost from 'Big Island Family' was the vocalist of the 'Tostoine Dub System' project together with King Kietu, from 1999 to 2005. 'Sardinia Bass Legalize' began as an evolution to the 'Tostoine' project..
This is a second chapter by Sardinia Bass Legalize for the Aqbmp label. Comprising seven visions of the Meditrarranean island of Sardinia, by King Kietu and Sensitive Dub with Dr. Boost vocal featuring on Barricada."
Barricada was produced and mixed by King Kietu @ Big Island Studio - Olbia - Sardinia (Italy)
Born here - extended version (by Arrogalla) produced and mixed by Arrogalla @ Radio indipendèntzia Studio - Bologna (Italy)

Let it go - Alexis Vear (Atlanta, GA, USA)
In 2004 Alexis released her debut album, Never Give Up, an acoustic record full of heart and soul.
Alexis was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. After relocating several times, in 2005 Alexis moved from Greensboro, North Carolina…. to Atlanta, Georgia….. where she has enjoyed a vibrant and supportive music scene. In late 2006 she began working with local Producer Geoff Melkonian who"s past credits include Modern Skirts, Megan Coffee, and YOU just to name a few.
Her newest release Let It Go is a very strong album that you can get from CD Baby, iTunes and elsewhere..

Crashland - Tom Allalone & the 78s (Gravesend, Kent, UK)
From the album  Major Sins (Pt. 1).
The band are headlining the Get Wanted gig at 333 Mothers Bar on 10th March along with Komla and The Yakataks who both received great support when they played Get Wanted back in December.
With more to be announced...check out for updates. Tickets: £5 in advance, £7 on the door.
"...This impeccably dressed troupe plays blisteringly energetic and classic rock'n'roll (think Elvis Costello and The Attractions covering Billy Fury by way of The Godfathers), and does it very well indeed too." The Times
"...This check-shirted Gravesend chappie and his backing band have filled our heads with dreams of the Happy Days diner and thousands of unjustly unloved Vincent Vincent albums. Ace." The Fly

There is likely to be a break in transmission for a couple of weeks or so but if you're feeling short of music there is loads in the S'n'C, archive accessible right here in the shownotes - see the player top right?
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