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Jan 30, 2009

John Martyn 1948 - 2009

My personal tribute to a fine musician and big man.

Selecting just a few clips to play has been a painful process, not because of the memories it brings back but because there are so many masterpieces that have to be left out.

Another great sadness is for all the people who never experienced him play live and now, never will.

With twenty mainstream albums (and almost as many side project releases) to his credit, there is lots of music to listen to and it sounds as fresh and exciting today as it did when first released.

Solid Air and May you never are taken from Solid Air (1973) and Rainbow and Fisherman's Dream are from Sapphire (1984) [not 88 as I said].

There is a great clip from a BBC documentary about John at:

(Audio reposted)