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Jan 14, 2009

The snow has gone but after a prolonged very cold spell. Perhaps we do need some form of central heating in the house - for next year. As I came over to the barn early this morning, the moon was still glinting through the trees.

Hot tips - The D'Urbervilles (Guelph/Hamilton/Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
The D'Urbervilles began in the Toronto suburb of Oshawa, Ontario as a means for childhood friends and underagers Tim Bruton (guitar, synth) and John O'Regan (vocals, guitar, synth) to see rock shows at local bars. These enterprising young men played a few gigs and liked performing enough to keep the band together even after they had reached the legal drinking age. After a few months they had left town for arts school at the University of Guelph, Ontario, where they met future band member Kyle Donnelly (bass).
Since adding drummer Greg Santilly following the album release, The D'Urbervilles have not only further refined their raw yet heartfelt brand of carefully measured exuberance, but finally got themselves a van and hit the road for real. Touring invites soon arrived from respected Canadian acts such as You Say Party! We Say Die!
Keep an eye out for The D'Urbervilles in 2009 when they unveil a new collection of casually devastating pop songs at South By Southwest showcases and venues across Canada and the United States.

Count to ten - Brenda Xu (California, USA)
Singer/songwriter Brenda Xu was born in Harbin, China (near Russia's southern border), arriving in the U.S. to live with her grandmother at age five. When she was ten, her mother joined them and began teaching Xu piano. She was in high school when she got her first guitar and began writing songs. "When I first played around town at open mics, it was a little duo with a friend of mine. We played three shows, but then I started writing songs on my own."
Her first local solo gig was in January 2007 at Hot Java Cafe in Carmel Mountain Ranch. She sometimes performs and records with guitarist Ivan Cheong, occasionally with a bassist as well.

She's coming - Azoora (UK)
"Azoora" are a blend of acoustic electronica which combines that dreamy shoe-gazing feel with a charming British indie twist. They have recently released their debut EP Tall Tales in which they have two alternative takes of each of their tracks, having both original tracks, and remixs.

Before Beauty - Secret Archives of the Vatican (UK)
We mix drum'n'bass, breakbeats, dub, dubstep and triphop with flavours of Indian, Persian, Turkish and Arabian traditional music and more, Recently we've been exploring some Moroccan influences and we did a couple of small gigs in Morocco this summer.
Quite a few tracks available for download from their site.

Isn't that so - Bethany and Rufus (New York, USA)
"Unbelievable!" is the word most used by audiences when first hearing Bethany & Rufus whose cello and voice duo breaks new musical ground, sliding with seamless ease between groove, jazz and a gritty, unvarnished approach to traditional folk music.

A reason to Dub - King Dubby (Angers, France)
From his brand new album Chapter 3 available on Jamendo.
"Voici mon 3ème  opus feat. myself.
Mélange de mes influences reggae, dub, dub plus encore...
I hope that u will enjoy it !!!!
Téléchargez le, critiquez le , bref faites le vivre !!!!!!"
Download the album from Jamendo

Skanking Fool - The Uptones (Berkeley, CA, USA)
Formed in 1981 in Berkeley, while they were still in high school. The Uptones were the first band devoted to playing Ska on the West Coast. The Uptones played to skanking crowds all over the West. Several of their recordings were regional hits, and for a time they were the most popular band in the Bay Area.

Skankin' Foolz Unite!The Uptones
"Skanking Fool" (mp3)
from "Skankin' Foolz Unite!"
(Fun Fun Fun Records)
More On This Album

Moody - Do-Up (Russia)
Band's composition:
Karina Karinian - voice
Papa Lion - voice
Alexander Bogomolov - keyboard
Evgeny Timshin - bass
Ignat Kravtsov - drums
Vadim Shukurov - sampler, flute
DO-UP band got together in 2006 in Yekaterinburg. Having introduced the first concert program, DO-UP become a constant guest at all type of fashionable events, presentations, and fashion shows. In 2007 DO-UP celebrated its 1 year anniversary playing their solo, they also presented their radio program «DO-UP time» that has already become something of a cult. The joint performance with such legendary groups as "De Phazz" in 2008 and later with "Touch & Go" became the turning point in the biography of the group.  These concerts had a tremendous success in front of thousands of listeners, which has proved the relevance of Do-UP"s work not only to smaller premises, but also to the large concert halls.
Download the Acoustic Lounge album from Jamendo

This week I'll be presenting AMPed - the weekly showcase for the Association of Music Podcasting. I"ll not be picking the tunes, they are submitted by member podcasts so there is bound to be a bit of variety.
It's my first time presenting the show so by all means get along after Monday and see what a mess I"ve made of it!

Galway Girl - Sharon Shannon and Steve Earl (Ireland)
The title track of the Best of Sharon Shannon was written by Steve Earle while he was spending some time living in Galway writing a book. It was first recorded by Earle and Shannon in 1999 for Shannon's hugely successful 'Diamond Mountain Sessions" album. The song has been gaining in popularity ever since, boosted by since the airing of the Magners cider ads in which it featured.
Mundy has been performing the song at Sharon Shannon Big Band shows across the country in recent times and had the opportunity to perform it with Steve Earle at last year's Cambridge Folk Festival much to the festival goers' delight.

The Galway Girl - The Best Of Sharon Shannon (Bonus Track Version)Sharon Shannon, Steve Earle
"The Galway Girl" (mp3)
from "The Galway Girl - The Best Of Sharon Shannon (Bonus Track Version)" (The Daisy Label)
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Sig tune: Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)