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Aug 20, 2008

Another packed show. This week, with something of an acoustic tendency.
Summer still hasn't established but wrap up warm and it's still pretty good on the Suffolk coast. This week, looking across the mouth of the River Deben from Felixstowe Ferry.
Sig tune: Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Mind over Maria - Soundside (Long Island, NY, USA)
From their new album Seconds from Sunrise.
Soundside packs a set of full-bodied, full-flavored rock originality into their music. Their high energy tracks are laden with catchy vocal hooks, harmonies, staple guitars, and a rhythm section that put together has their audience reliving their songs in mind well after they are over.
"Soundside brings back the old school rock sound - hard but not metal, and with a touch of grunge, minus the tortured angst."

Who we are - Jodi Martin (Sydney, Australia)
Jodi spent her formative years in the remote desert region of Australias Nullarbor Plain.
Jodi Martin started writing songs when she was five. Noticing this trend, her Mum loaned Jodi her tape recorder. At five, this was a momentous event and confirmed Jodi's obsession with songwriting forever.
Jodi has two major album releases in Australia, Water and Wood (2002) and 15 Minutes Out to Sea (2005) out on her own label Hot Bread Records, available through CD Baby, etc

Clip from Lady of the Sea - Seth Lakeman (UK)
Seth Lakeman's new album Poor Man's Heaven is out now and there's a 5-track live EP available for free download at:
You have to sign up to download and I do sometimes wonder abiout the privacy policies that these deals use. It seems as though they say that they'll not sell it on or anything but that they might change their mind later and because you've used the site now that's tough. Am I being paranoid or what? Views please.

Had enough of me - Darrin James Band (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Since its independent release last winter, Thrones of Gold by the Darrin James Band has yielded glowing reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Critics and bloggers are praising Darrin James not only as an intelligent songwriter, but also as a powerful singer and guitarist whose music has an authentic rawness and realism that speaks to audiences in a meaningful way.

European Podcast Awards
The Awards are apparently sponsored by Olympus and there are prizes for voters as well prestige for podcasts. You can vote for as many podcasts as you want. Four members of the Association of Music Podcasters have been nominated. To vote, select your preferred podcast(s) from these links, click Vote and rate it for content and design by clicking on the stars (The star shapes on the screen that is - rather than personally clicking Codger and I)! I think you need to sign up for the newsletter if you want to enter to win prizes.
Dark Compass
Dark Horse Radio
PC Podcast
Suffolk 'n' Cool
Don't know any more about it than that I'm afraid.

Better Place - Sweetbleeders (Phoenix, AZ, USA)
Sweetbleeders' first full-length album bzzzz. A lush space cabaret with dreamy folk songs, analog synth orchestras, and saloon stomps; colorful ruminations on eclectic American balladry.
The Players:
Robin Vining--Primary singer and writer- makes sounds with guitars, keyboards, pianos, anything that can be blown into or struck soundly. Enjoys coffee and putting things in his eyes.
Mark Erickson-- sonic manipulations-makes electrons bleed honey and hot vinegar. Plays with cats. guitars and keyboards and voice.
David Marquez--Basso Profundo Guitaro. Casual smoker. Tears it up in the kitchen.
Steven Dueck--Bangs, Clicks, and Booms. Will eat anything or body.

Radiolied - The Clerks (Germany)
The Clerks sind eine Begegnung der dritten Art, stammen sie doch eigentlich vom Planet Orange, der Welt des Offbeat. Von feurigen Bläsersätzen getrieben swingt und groovt die achtköpfige SKA-Band - da dauern Konzerte gerne länger als zweieinhalb Stunden. Sixties Rock, Reggae und Rocksteady machen in den Atempausen das Tanzprogramm perfekt.

Winelight Club update - this Friday David Goo, Heather McVey, Normal for Norfolk, Caille Sims. (Clip from Heather McVey -

Waiting for the light to change - Jean Synodinos (Austin, TX, USA)
Jean is always out to push the envelope a little bit more with each song and each show. Energetically. Enthusiastically.
With songs that skate between genres, Jean jumps from rock to jazz to pop in order to find the right groove and tone for each song. Known for her dynamic performances, she lives to "read the room" and deliver shows that keep audiences returning for more.
Following up on her acclaimed debut CD Lucky, Jean has just released Breathe. Picking up where Lucky left off, Breathe's eleven tracks groove even harder musically and dig even deeper lyrically. The disc features thoroughbred performances by Charles Rieser on guitars (The Scabs, Boombox), Brad Houser on bass (Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians), and Rob Hooper on drums (Guy Forsythe, Colin Gilmore).

Everybody's looking for a meal - Blind Willies (San Francisco, USA)
"Imagine the White Stripes driven by the fevered folk of Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie, and you might get some idea of where the Blind Willies are coming from."
Title track from their album on Diggory Records.
Blind Willies is Annie Staninec, multi-genre fiddler, and Alexei Wajchman, guitarist/singer/songwriter. They met and began playing together in the halls of San Francisco School of the Arts. They're both recent graduates of University of California at Santa Cruz.
Annie has been playing bluegrass/old time fiddle for more than a decade. She's also a consummate gypsy jazz violinist. Alexei grew up in San Francisco's Mission District. After learning to play clarinet and sax, he taught himself to play guitar and began writing songs at 15.
Blind Willies made their professional debut at San Francisco's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in 2004.
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Lemon DeGeorge (Jolie Holland, film Genghis Blues) and Paul Carlsen (Nirvana's Nevermind, Neil Young, John Prine).

The Walls of Byzantium - Secret Archives of the Vatican (London, UK)
I previously played a SAotV track back in January last year so it is high time that they reappeared in the show.
Vince Millett: Production, oud, fretless guitar, other guitars
Louis Counter: Production, tablas, melodica, coffee
Pete Sharpe: Vocals, bass, a general air of coolness
Paul Midgley, Tom Gregory : Arabian percussion - frame drums, darabukas - that sort of thing!
We mix drum'n'bass, breakbeats, dub, and triphop with flavours of Indian, Persian, Turkish and Arabian traditional music and more, Recently we've been exploring some Moroccan influences and we did a couple of small gigs in Morocco this summer.