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Jul 24, 2008

Suddenly it is hazy mid-summer complete with flies and sweaty heat. Whatever happened to those lovely warm, fresh air days of early summer - oh yes, that's right. It rained. However, the moon rising from the sea at Aldeburgh was pretty impressive.

Diagnóstico Canalla - Diagnóstico Canalla (Barcelona, Spain)
From their album "LA ESTACIÓN DE LAS MENTIRAS" (as a CD from their site for 8 euros).
In existence since : 06.2005

Oh No - KaiserCartel (New York, USA)
Courtney Kaiser (vocals, guitar, xylophone, keys)
Benjamin Cartel (vocals, guitar, drums, xylophone)
KaiserCartel's earthy blend of folk and rock will make you laugh, cry, sing along, and want to hold hands with the stranger next to you. Warm up by the fire with KaiserCartel.
Another of Ariel's great artists.
23 Jul The Beauty Bar, Austin, Texas
23 Jul Gypsy Hut, Cincinnati, Ohio
24 Jul Avant Garden, Houston, Texas
31 Jul Mama Java's Coffeehouse, Phoenix, Arizona
1 Aug Plush, Tucson, Arizona
2 Aug McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, California
3 Aug Anthology, San Diego, California
4 Aug The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, California
11 Aug Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, Utah
14 Aug Shuga's, Colorado Springs, Colorado
21 Aug Schuba's, Chicago, Illinois
22 Aug Rudyard Kipling, Louisville
23 Aug The Gypsy Hut, Cincinnati, Ohio

Brooke's Waltz - Don Ross (Ontario, Canada)
The son of a Scottish immigrant father and a Mi'kmaq aboriginal mother, Don was born in Montreal in 1960 into a musical family. He first started experimenting with the solo possibilities of the acoustic guitar at the age of eight. By age ten he was playing in alternate tunings and exploring "fingerstyle" technique, a right hand discipline similar to classical guitar playing. Preferring to write original music and develop a personal style, Don's self-taught journey on the instrument has encouraged him to follow his musical intuition. The result is an unclassifiable musical style that borrows from jazz, folk, rock and classical music. When asked, Don usually pigeonholes his music as "Heavy Wood"!

When things go wrong … and they get put right it's almost better than them not going wrong in the first place! Alesis mixer, Plantronics headset both fixed as things should be. Minimum disruption.

I had a Rick Fowler track lined up that Jeremy and I have been enthusing about for the past couple of weeks, since his appearance on SnC 124, then, as I was prepping, I came across this on the PMN. It blew me totally away.

Feel So Much Better - Rick Fowler (Georgia, USA)
Rick Fowler's musical honesty creates an unsurpassed morphic resonance between him and his listeners. With a raw soul reminiscent of early Johnny Winter and aural suspense akin to Trower, Fowler delivers the energy, joy, anger and torment found in the very best of blues-rock. Preacher is from his album Back on my good foot available direct from his site or from CD Baby. Credit due to all musicians on the album:
BASS: Michael C. Steele
DRUMS: Gerry Hansen,
Bill Berry
B3: Tim White,
Randall Bramblett
2ND GUITAR: Jonathan Dorsey
RESONATOR: Michael C. Steele
BG VOCS: Sherry Joyce, Michael C. Steele

The next track has lots of reference to the sounds of Marley when I was with the band clavinet through wah-wah and a clear nod in the direction of session maestro Wayne Perkins for his transforming guitar breaks on the Catch a Fire album which I think very cleverly made the Marley reggae breakthrough possible with a rather jaded European audience.

Marley - Danakil (France)
Formed in 2000 by 8 students from around Paris they have crept up to be a nine piece band:
Chant : Balik
Sax : Das (le coach)
Trompette : Tom-Tom
Trombone : Big keuj'
Basse : Massif-Boris
Batterie : Titi (le Duc)
Guitare : Papa Dus
Guitare : Fab'
Claviers : Smarties
After a while gigging they self-produced their 2006 debut album Microclimat. The new 12 track album Dialogue de sourds which is available as CD or MP3 download from their site where you can hear the other tracks before you buy. Also on Jamendo
Mystery of Mister tba is solved - and the shownotes for SnC126 updated.

Valse Chromatique - Nico Spahni (Switzerland)
Prematurely born on a cold yet allegedly sunny November morning in 1972, the artist took to shaking his baby shaker at an early age and has been dabbling in manifold music styles, ranging from ambient electronica and experimental improvisation to music for film and contemporary dance, ever since. More music and videos can be found at

Call me Moon - Sputnik has Crashed (over a field of virgins) (Rouen, France)
Prozac for masses est le premier album de Sputnik has crashed (over a field of virgins). Ce avant tout un projet, une ébauche, juste pour me mettre le pied à l'étrier et me forcer à réaliser des productions plus propres.
Prozac for masses est initialement publié avec 3 morceaux, mais il donnera le jour à une nouvelle tentative, comprenant notamment les mêmes morceaux mais retravaillés plus tard.
Call me moon est un titre qui fait honneur à une charmante jeune fille qui m'a ému bien que je ne l'ai jamais rencontrée (ça arrive).

Did you hear PC Podcast this week. Oh, Mr Cogle, the most entertaining first few minutes of PC Podcast I've heard in ages! Poor old Codger seemed to be rather tired and emotional.

All hands on deck - Rigel (Madison, USA)
Shay Carlson- Fiddle,
Mark Bilhorn- Guitar/Mando,
Evan Carlson- Keyboards.
David Steinweg- Drums/Percussion
Rigel is a four member Celtic band playing a variety of instruments including fiddle,keyboard,guitar,mandolin, and drums. Rigel was formed in the spring of 2007 and just released their first CD self titled Rigel. They consider themselves a Celtic rock, jam band and fiddle band. Visit their website for more details: