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Jun 8, 2008

Nordgarden in session at the Barn

In these occasional shows artists drop by to have a bit of a chat about what they are doing, what makes them tick and, of course, to play a few tunes live for us.

The guest at The Barn for this session is Terje Nordgarden who is really living the life of an artist with something to say. He tours almost continuously with loyal followings developing in Italy, Poland, Holland and the UK, not to mention his native Norway.

We were delighted to have Terje stay over with us for a couple of nights
(between Springsteen concerts!). We also fitted in a gig at the Winelight Club and a short radio session for the BBC. I've not previously seen a producer behind the glass shout out and applaud after a song, live on air.

Terje plays three songs from his excellent current album The Path of Love:
Up the Hillside
The Path of Love
So far away

Find out more about Nordgarden at:

Recording engineer: Jeremy Gugenheim.
Show in/out: Lil Diddley Vamp - DJOC