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Apr 2, 2008

A rather more upbeat and largely USA-based selection this week after a fair few very late nights and early mornings the energy will come in handy.
Stick with me through to the end to hear teh astounding voice of Alice Smith (right).

10 Cities Beyond - Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullit Band (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Picture the Danish mutant child of Booker T and The Arcade Fire. That is from their album "Someone Will Dig This!"
On their newest release, X-Ray Spirit, released March 25th, Snake and Jet concoct a most funky cocktail that brings back the gritty low-fi feeling of 70's psychedelia.

Papa Don't Worry - Sydney Wayser (Los Angeles, USA)
Intimate and playful, placid and serene. Melancholy and dark, with occasional hints of passing sadness. This is the sound of Sydney Wayser, a twenty year-old singer-songwriter who with her French father and American mother has lived her life between Paris and Los Angeles. Sydney's music is rife with tales and adventure; it quite simply draws you into her world, delicately.
From her album "Silent Parade"

People on trains.

Warrior Poet - Tomorrows Bad Seeds (California, USA)
After touring the West Coast for 3 years and Hawaii 4 times in '07, Tomorrows Bad Seeds debut album is climbing the iTunes Reggae charts and are featured as one of the "Leaders of the New School". Track from the album.

A word of thanks from Michael Salisbury (on behalf of The Excitals) and Oregon Chad who says:
"It's great to be back on the show again. Keep up the great promo work you're doing. More eclectic sounds will be posted on the PMN from DJOC in the next few months." I'm looking forward to them.

Broken Hearts Sounds Like Breakbeats - Los Campesinos (Cardiff, Wales)
There's not really a lot more I can say about Los Camps, except there's a really goofd video for teh new single on their site along with some dates:
10/4 Cardiff, Solus
11/4 Tunbridge Wells, Forum (matinee/underage)
11/4 Tunbridge Wells, Forum (18+)
12/4 LSE, Afterskoolclub @ The Quad, LONDON
13/4 Norwich, Waterfront
14/4 Windmill, Brixton, LONDON
16/4 Jailhouse, Hereford
17/4 Bradford, St Georges Hall
18/4 Camden Crawl, LONDON (venue TBC)
19/4 Camden Crawl, LONDON (venue TBC)
20/4 Hoxton Bar & Grill, LONDON
+ Summer festival appearances to be announced soon.

Civil Revolt Part1 (DJ Point Remix) - Kou Chou Ching (Taipei, Taiwan)
We're a HipHop band from Taiwan. Our music is inspired by Taiwan traditional music elements. We bring samples of Taiwanese folk songs and traditional music elements and mix them in HipHop to create a very unique sound. Through our music, you can hear the voices of Taiwan.
4 Apr 2008    Spring Scream Club Stage     Ken Ding
11 Apr 2008    The Wall Live House         Taipei
19 Apr 2008     Day Of Earth Concert         Taipei

Last night I had the rather interesting experience of being interviewed (at a distanced and by email) by a musician who I really admire. I'll let you know more about that when there's more to tell. It did mean though that I got to bed at around 2 this morning then I was in London for a few hours in the middle of the day and now it isn't even Wednesday here in the UK but it's OK because the Libsyn server is in Pittsburgh so although it is almost 2 AM here, it's only 9PM there! [update: slow server in Pittsburgh tonight so it's now 4.15am UK / 11.15pm EST - going to be close!]

Tonight, Tonight - The Anabolics (Brooklyn, USA)
Describe themselves as sounding like The bastard child of The Shangri-Las and The Clash.
What's more:
"Fresh off a jaunt across the Atlantic, we are thrilled to annouce the release of our brand new album, ANABOLICALLY CORRECT! Eleven smokin' songs that are guaranteed to get you laid. It will be available on very soon (stay tuned for more info) and at our shows, along with our very pretty t-shirts (also guaranteed to get you laid) and us (guaranteed to get laid). Our record release party will be Sat., April 26th at Lucky Cat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and we'll be announcing a few warm up gigs soon. Also, for you Philladelphiers and tattooed people and people who love tattooed people - we'll be playing at the Philadephia Tattoo Arts Convention!! It's April 18-20 and we'll have date/time details soon.
21 Apr 2008    live on Brekky Shift on WKDU 91.7 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
22 Apr 2008    live on Three Chord Monte on WFMU 91.1 FM     everywhere! thank you internet.
3 May 2008    Hullabaloo! + BBQ and DJs! Daytime par-tay! @ Matchless     Brooklyn, New York
Anna: guitar, vocals & fishnets, Christina: bass, vocals & stilettos, Marcelo: drums, vocals & leather.

Mariposa - Blame it on Society (Arizona, USA)
From the Hyperdrive Motel album.
Blame It On Society is J. Dodson's solo project which was originally nothing more than wanting to write "cheesy video game music". The project is helped along by derelict collaborators Evan Lee Arps (midi), Ellis Dee (guitar), Ivan Yakinov (special effects), and Dan Druff (drums). J.D. likes to hang out, write music, and rub shoulders with strange music-types in Phoenix, AZ and Nashville
J.D. travels between Nashville, TN and Phoenix, AZ creating strange music with and without friends.


New Religion - Alice Smith (Brooklyn, USA)
Recently turned 29, Alice Smith is, on the evidence of her solo debut, For Lovers, Dreamers & Me (BBE Records), the most promising female singer-songwriter to go her own enrapturing way in a very long time. Her voice, with its four-octave range, is luscious and powerful and nuanced and finely sensitive to rhythm.
Alice Smith is in Los Angeles, staying high above Sunset Boulevard at that most iconic hotel of ripened Hollywood sensuality, the Chateau Marmont. Someone asks Smith if she likes it there. "Oh yeah," Smith answers with zero hesitation, "I do."
It sounds as though it hasn't changed a bit since I was living there while I was working at Basing Street West in the Capitol building at Sunset and Vine.
This track New Religion is from the album.