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Nov 28, 2007

Tunes "ancient and modern" this week from Canada, New York, and California as well as a couple of tracks from the UK. Meanwhile, I'm agitating to have this train (at Liverpool Street Station in London) named Suffolk 'n' Cool because I seem to have spent a lot of time on it just recently.
It was a thin showing on the PMN this week - perhaps it is something to do with Thanksgiving weekend and the season that shall not be mentioned on this show just around the corner.

Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Kerry's Jig - Will Krinski (Alberta, Canada)
The joy of the enthusiast. No immediate delusions of stardom, just working hard at his craft. Will Kranski from Alberta, Canada is an excellent example. Will's a one-man band who writes and records everything but still has a regular day job (for now!)
No web site link - that I could see but let me know if there is one.

Cigarettes down the railway tracks - Catgut (UK)
Long had a weakness for the quirky sound of Catgut, Ive played a couple of tracks before and I've had this one on my playlist for a couple of weeks, waiting for the opportunity to fit it in. Some might call it challenging - I'd say hauntingly honest and that it incorporates some really interesting sounds. Find more of her music at www/

Chula - Flowfantastico (New York, USA)  FIRST PLAY
Milton Pa!! El romantico es un muchacho con deseo de ser cantante y aprender mas mientra pasa el tiempo. Quiere al mismo tiempo ser cantante y hacer estudiante y seguir hacia adelante. Este muchacho quiere sacar disco para que le guste a los fanaticos en realidad quiere seguir aprendiendo mas.

Stuck for the summer - Two Hours traffic (Canada)
It's strange that Podsafe Music Network has them down as a BC band yet their site refers to the fact that Two Hours Traffic began in 2003 when former kindergarten colleagues Liam Corcoran and Alec O'Hanley recruited fellow University of PEI chemistry students Andrew MacDonald and Derek Ellis. After the better part of a year, the group released an EP entitled The April Storm (Independent).
This record caught the ear of acclaimed Halifax guitar hero Joel Plaskett, who immediately offered to produce the group"s first full-length album. Stuck for the Summer is taken from their second full-length, Little Jabs (Bumstead Records) for which Joel Plaskett returns to the producer's chair.
December 6 Imperial, Quebec City, QC w/ Pascal Picard
December 7/8 Club Soda, Montreal QC w/ Pascal Picard
December 14/15 Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON w/ Joel Plaskett Emergency
December 26 Judique Community Centre, Judique NS w/ The Danks

You make me boring - Plastic Fuzz (Leeds, UK)
Plastic Fuzz make alternative pop music and come from Leeds, England. "Dots" is the 100-song album and is available from
Of course the band were a Suffolk 'n' Cool firstplay a few weeks ago since then quite a few podcast producers have latched onto the talent that is Plastic Fuzz, most recently some show called PC Podcast.

Cindy's Breakdown - The Rosinators (UK)
London (UK)-based trio renowned for their raw, uncompromising mix of bluegrass, Cajun and gospel country blues - twin fiddles, acoustic guitar and dynamic three-part vocal harmonies. Good to have them back on the show.

Curandera - Radio Nowhere (California, USA)
Radio Nowhere is a rock/pop band from Oakland, California, in the United States. A friend told them that they sound like Pete Townshend produced by Prince, and that sums it up pretty well.

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