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Oct 10, 2007

Strange goings on with the Podshow servers. They normally dish up the podsafe music for me to listen to on your behalf with unfailing loyalty. But not today. All is running painfully slow but fortunately I had almost a show-worth of music already lined up. I must have been very good at sometime in this or a previous life!
Some lovely rose petals scattered on the pavement / sidewalk outside a florist in Old Brompton Road, London when I visited the delightful Troubadour café again yesterday.

Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Fashionistas - Subb (St Jean sur Richelieu (Montreal), Canada) FIRST PLAY
A track from the band's fourth full length album The Motions. Based out of St-Jean sur Richelieu, just south of Montreal, Quebec's ska punk heroes Subb has been playing its own brand of ska punk since 1995.
 2 Nov 2007    Le Telephone Rouge  Sherbrooke, Quebec
17 Nov 2007    Salle Municipale St-Gérard  L'Assomption, Quebec
From their album The Motions. Full details from their sites at:

Moonshine -  Sarah LeMieux (New York and Conneticut, USA)
Great to hear a bit of solid blues and with a contemporary twist.
Sarah has a band "The Super Blue Band" which has a suitably flexible and variable line-up which I'm sure will always add something a bit fresh to every show.
2 Nov 2007      National Women in Blues Festival     Wilmington, North Carolina
8 Nov 2007     Regina Quick Center     Fairfield, Connecticut
23 Nov 2007     The Inn at Newtown     Newtown, Connecticut
Sarah's music is available from iTunes and you can get her first album Superbleu from CDBaby via her MySpace at:

My People - Jeso (Netherlands)
Aksum, Clubbing, Switchboard, Basement Riddle, Tribal Issue
And that"s about it from Jeso's excellently political site - there is, however a really rather good satirical video on the site and a link to CDBaby where you can get Jeso"s music as well as a new pl layer through which you can hear all the music in a stream lasting over 4 hours.

Outside my window - Euros Childs (Wales, UK)
The first of two tracks, in this show, from a 14 track compilation album "There's only one T in Wichita? from Wichita Record at just £3.99. The album also features Los Campesinos and Clap your hands and say yeah, both of whom have been featured on the show.
Euros Childs sings most of his music in his native tongue, Welsh but his 2007 album, "The Miracle Inn" from which Outside my window is taken, seems to be largely in English.
Dates coming up in Spain, Wales and all across the USA between now and mid-November. There couldn"t be a  better time to catch him.
Full details from:

Prend la vibe - Mesh m18 (Paris, France)
A track off the album 360 which is available for free download from the wonderful Jamendo label. The information about Mesh m18 includes this easily translated line "… mélange de hiphop / uk garage / drum&bass / dancehall / dubstep.. Un cOckTaiL eXpLoSiF !!" Mesh is also part of Grime Sin - a collective of DJs, MCs and Beatmakers
10 Nov 2007  Francoise Ouedraogo feat. Mesh m18. Epinay\Senart, Ile-de-France
1 Dec 2007  GRIME SIN spécial show. Angers, France

Riverhouse of Tinicum - Meg Baird (Philadelphia, USA)
Meg Baird is one of the clear-toned songwriters of Philadelphian sextet Espers. Riverhouse of Tinicum is a track from Meg's solo album Dear Companion released on Wichita Recordings.
The Wichita site says that "Fans of Espers, and newcomers alike will immediately swoon to the sound of Meg's uniquely beautiful voice and the pluck or strum of guitar and mountain dulcimer. The passion and feeling in this record is immediately apparent and compulsive." I wouldn't disagree one little bit.

Lag dot com - Frank Thorstein (France)
From his Jamendo album Patent pending.

Lil Diddley Vamp - DJOC (Oregon, USA)
A band of One. ®regon Chad lives and breathes in Oregon, U.S.
I used this track as the theme for Sessions at the Barn and contacted DJOC in Oregon to find out a bit more.
A reply back to say how thrilled he is that I've chosen his music for the show and he has promised to work up a bio page for his site! We'll hold him to it. To tell the truth I was also thrilled to hear back so quickly - picking up his message at the bottom of my friend Anne's stairs near Kew Gardens in London because that's the best place to piggy-back an unprotected wireless network!
Chad is formally trained in music theory with an unfinished degree from The University of Utah School of Music. More recently he's been developing skills with MIDI, audio editing, electronic music production and composition. It's working Chad, it's working!