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Sep 19, 2007

Having spent most of yesterday afternoon in a coffee shop prepping the show I realise that a lot of the music reflects the caffine levels - so a lively show from the start this week!

Look at the face on you - The Marla's (UK)
The Marla's choppy guitars, dirty bass lines, pounding drums and spitting vocals are all sliced up inside a classic British rock n roll sandwich.
The Marla's are Cad, Maxxi, Lewis, Jossy and Tom, quintessentially a bunch of young 18 year old English lads.

Happy - Jimmie Bratcher
Lots of live music at the moment. Last week saw Nordgarden at One Taste in London on Tuesday then Brian Wilson at the Royal Festival Hall (what a contrast of venues) on Wednesday. Gig review.
After the Brian Wilson gig came out of the RFH and heard more music … Angie the old Stones song. It was such a haunting sound that I had to find the source. In the dark, a busker (Carla Pecorelli) with a voice to die for and some lovely thoughtful interpretations. Highlight of the evening.

Blues and Time - Carla Pecorelli (UK)
Carla has Italian parents and was raised in Brazil. Only a few songs in English but I don't think the language is terribly important, anyway, in my estimation, Portuguese is a language naturally suited to music. She has some more songs on her MySpace.

Ancient Building conservation -  Kou Chou Ching (Taiwan)
A HipHop band from Taiwan. Their music is inspired by Taiwan traditional music elements. They bring samples of Taiwanese folk songs and traditional music elements and mix them in HipHop to create a very unique sound. "Through our music, you can hear the voices of Taiwan."

Lancelot's debut - does he think he's an owl?

Finest traditions of gratuitously offensive rock 'n Roll punk …
David Hasselhoff says FY - The Junktones (Germany)
The Junktones are a true Rock'n'Roll Punkband founded in late 2005 and completely reformed in late 2006.
Playing shows for as many fans as possible is the main goal of the band because this is what Rock'n'Roll is all about: Live music!

Care for some whiskey - Leerone (California, USA)
From her album Imaginary Biographies. Track featured Steve Blacke on upright bass and violin, Garrett Ray on drums, Christopher Fudurich (who produced and engineered the album) on harmonium, yells, whoos and whistles well as Leerone on vocals, piano, claps and whoos.
Publicity pack.

I saw the Sara Mac Band play a live gig in Second Life (via a studio in Florida) a while ago and had a short text chat with Sarah. It all felt pretty exciting at the time but I've not really been active in Second Life for a while.
If you'd like a Suffolk 'n' Cool t-shirt for Second Life, let me know.

Save you - The Sarah Mac Band (Florida, USA)
The Sarah Mac Band officially formed in the Spring of 2005, when this trio decided to devote their time and energy to writing music and developing their original blends of blues, jazz, and rock.

This week guest spot on Ross Patzelt's show on Future Radio 96.9 on Monday.
Last night saw an amazingly intense show from Foy Vance and tonight back to Norwich for the opening night of The Grapevine another very promising live music showcase night in Norwich featuring Nordgarden  who is staying with us tonight then recording a live Session at the Barn here on Thursday morning before flying back to Oslo in Norway.

Mone Zion - Taya Wooden (Ivory Coast, W. Africa)
Reggae from the Ivory Coast. Hear the African influences. Chicken or egg? Was on Jamendo yesterday when I downloaded it but couldn't find a link earier today, now it's back - strange. Download the album free at:

More astounding Suffolk music is promised for Friday evening at the Three Horseshoes in Charsfield, Suffolk. I'll report back next week.