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Sep 5, 2007

A very different show this week just one artist in a 20 minute feature.

Foy Vance made a memorable appearance at the Arts Centre in Norwich in the spring and wowed a sell-out crowd with his passionate singing and his alternating lyrical and percussive guitar style.

I had the good fortune to be there and to talk with Foy, between sound-check and show-time, about his new album Hope which is released in Ireland this week.

I hope you enjoy the variation of format this week – it gives an insight into the backstage life that is lived by rock and roll legends the world over! Yeah right!


Be with me – from the album Hope and also a single, released in the UK on 24 September.

Album Release, Ireland  September 07 2007
Tower Records, Dublin September 08
Cyprus Avenue, Cork September 08
Roisin Dubh, Galway September 09
Dolans, Limerick September 10
Spirit Store, Dundalk September 11
Brel Bar, Glasgow September 14
Fibbers, York September 16
Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich September 18
Glee Club Studio, Birmingham   September 21
Then further gigs throughout September in Oxfordshire, Peterborough, London. Bath and Cambridge.

You can get the album from HMV, Amazon UK, iTunes UK, Townsend Records, and Amazon USA. There are links to all from the "sounds" page on Foy's site at:

Just for the sake of clarity and transparency, this show is not sponsored or subsidised in any way. Artists are featured entirely on merit and because I want to support the best of independent music.