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Jul 18, 2007

I had to prep the show on Tuesday because I was out from midday until late. Found nothing I wanted to play you on the PMN - first time. So revisited Jamendo. Wow, what a treasure-trove. I've visited before but been put off by download regime This time got the hang of BitTorrent downloads.
Late back night last night, not at a gig, but a day in the company of one of rock music's greats along with his delightful family - to hang out and record an extended interview. Discovered some common experiences from a few years ago which were fun to recall. I'll tell you more next week by when I'll, hopefully, have something to play you.
I did entail being driven around in a very, very smart Bentley car - which went like hell.
And a very nice seafood restaurant right by the water. I was there with Tony Kavanagh who stayed over here when we got back at 3:30 this morning, having overtaken a milk-float as it was just getting light. We weren't late; he was early!
Tony seems to attract interesting things to happen!

Live it up - Holly Woods (Ontario, Canada)
With a voice that is as sultry as it is powerful, Holly Woods captivates with her passion.... soft or strong. As the former lead singer of Toronto, Holly delivers with an experience that only comes from years of doing it right.

Seaward Jack - Amee Chapman and the Velvet Tumbleweeds (California, USA) FIRST PLAY
With a voice that conveys both the brutal honesty of a changing California and the tender footed sweetness of its past, Amee Chapman maintains a meandering love affair with the roots of American music and with the oft times bitter realities of rural soul.
Seaward Jack is one of a set of tracks on the PMN this week from her album Still Life - available from CD Baby and Miles of Music. Links on her site.
Na Zdrowie - Smiley (Grenoble, France)
The first of three very interesting tracks today from the Jamendo label.
The sleeve notes are all in French so I can't read it fluently because, as you know, I'm concentrating on my Catalan! However it does seem to the group consists of four humans and contains references to several litres of beer ... so suddenly hands seem to stretch out across the water to kindred spirits.
Nico : guitare / Marie : voix, saxo / Pierrot : basse, sampler / Boeuf : batterie / Martin : son, effets
The track is taken from their album Attention aux mélanges! (Pay attention to the mix)

Salsa Malikum - La Goutte au Nez (Tours, France)
Imagine yourselves in the streets of Chicago in full car chase then in the infernal merry-go-round of a circus, to finish in the trance of an overheated nightclub... La Goutte au Nez transports you from a universe to the other one in flash: from the dub to popular waltz, of the hip-hop in the klezmer, the jazz in the reggae, on bottom of jungle and drum'n'bass. For several years already, these eight musicians surround stages and public place, surprising a wide public.
Accordéon : Florent Sepchat
Soubassophone : Carl Cordelier
Caisse claire : Gilles Chauprade
Grosse caisse : Jean-françois Caire
Saxophone alto : Alexandre Zellner
Saxophone ténor : Pierre Poussin
Trompette : Bertrand Margelidon
Trombone : Simon Dupire
There is a remarkable live performance on video on their website - no, really do go look it out. Don't worry about the maintenance notice, click below Retrouvez l'actualité… and then look out for the band's name. You'll be glad you did. This is music making.
Salsa malikum is taken from their album Ouverture facile (easy opening).

English - The Marble Tea (New Jersey, USA)
The Marble Tea creates whimsical music for sunny days, and introspective music for days that are less than sunny. Children's songs for adults.
That's how Knight Berman Jr once described the music he writes and records as the Marble Tea, but it doesn't tell the full story. Grown-up topics like hiding from the law, excruciating ennui, and impotence have all found their way into songs in some fashion or another, and his affirmation that "I haven't met a child yet that I could sit and have a smoke with" further distances us from that original statement.
The I'm Batman EP was selected as CD of the Year for 2004 at, and the new Fantastic Day EP presents more fanciful and reflective indie pop.
You can buy that song direct from the web site so that all the cash goes to the artist.

Response from Kimo about the end of his tune Lullaby for Alia   

Cule Cule Trombon (with intro from Big Bang) - Kepay (Guadalajara, Mexico)
The band were formed in 1996. Cule Cule Trombon is actually a bonus track taken from from their album Desde el Fondo (and fronted by the first few seconds of the title track) and it is available from the band's site or the entire album is free from jamendo