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Jun 30, 2007

Back from a fabulous break in southern France. Our visit coincided with the St John festival which is a great excuse for lots of local live music featuring coblas - bands of around 11 musicians playing a variety of instruments and producing the most amazing sounds. I first heard the sardana in Barcelona a few years ago and was captivated. Is it played or danced anywhere else in the world?
Cobla Mill-Lenaria
Recorded in the village with accompaniment from a small child on a metal chair!

Kickstart theme song - Kickstart (New York)
Kickstart makes their mark with strength of heart, not style. Eric and company put every scrap of themselves on the table and let it ride in three minute bursts. The gravel voiced singer spits tales of a well-worn life, love gone bad, moments of transcendence and bouts with the bitter truth.

Explosive - Juliana Meyer (Suffolk, UK)
I saw Juliana at the Winelight Club in Norwich a couple of weeks ago. This track is from her excellent current album Holding up the sky.

Strange Joe - Moonchild Louis (Germany)
The music I play is a tribute to all my guitar playing brethren, Hail to ye thy mighty warriors. "Keep on a Rocking it Baby"
I love the way the guitar builds throughout the tune from really sparse to full on and passionate. Sadly there is no web link on the PMN.
If you know anything about Moonchild, please let us know.

External Male - Miss the Occupier (Glasgow, Scotland)
Formed in Glasgow in 2003, MTO stick to a three-piece ethic with songs punchy, pacy and loud. From 25th June the External Male EP will be available for download from iTunes, Napster, Tune Tribe and other online stores.

Molly - Jeff Mallon (Pennsylvania, USA)
Solo artist from the Philadelphia, PA area. The MySpace is similarly sparse in terms of information but you can listen to the entire CD before downloading. So take a look ... or should that be a listen at:

Please Emmellene - Steve Robinson (Florida, USA)
Ex-Headlight and Roger McGuinn sideman goes solo.
One of a whole load of tracks on the PMN from this English singer/songwriter.

Cherokee Shuffle - Whizbang Shufflers (Manitoba, Canada)
Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Ben Regier - mandolin
Curtis Wiebe - banjo, ukulele, guitar
Luke Enns - guitar, bouzouki
Rick Unger - acoustic bass guitar

Their album "The WhizBang Shufflers - Baffle The Bird Of Death" is available free at