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Nov 16, 2006

The Barn is reconnected at last. After effectively three weeks withoiut telephones or internet and email, at last the line has been repaired. Now I'm in catch-up mode.

Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)
There's more great new music from Jimmie later in the show.

Many to Many - Noctaluca (Ohio, USA)  FIRST PLAY
... and you thought the great rock album was dead. Noctaluca has created a series of anti-anthem rock songs whose unified whole towers over its sum.
Singer-songwriter Jason Ludwig is joined by Jay Aronoff on guitar and brothers Donovan and Brandon Schlunt. The album Towering over the sum is available for $11.97 from their website where you can hear quite a few of the songs even before you buy.

I am Jesus (you're not) - ist (Leicester, UK)   FIRST PLAY
Kenton Hall - Guitars, Hammond, Vocals;
John McCourt - Bass;
Flash - Drums, Percussion;
Brett Richardson - Guitars, Bassoon and String Arrangements
They are releasing a new double-A single "The Wreck of the Eddie Fitzpatrick/I am Jesus (And You're Not)" on 4/12/2006 (download) and 11/12/2006 (limited edition 7" vinyl).
You can preview and pre-order the single at:
Pink Box Records

INTERVIEW - Tony Kavanagh (The Winelight Club)
An insight into why and how the Winelight Club operates in the UK to bring great independent and Live music to you. Watch out for new Winelight ventures in the Manchester area in the new year. Meanwhile you can check their MySpace at:

Bodmin Dubbing - Begas Degol  (Penzance, Cornwall, UK)
The band is Rick Williams (clarinet), David Twomlow (bag pipes and soprano saxophone), and Dave Trahair (tabor drum and percussion).

From Penzance in the far west of Cornwall, BAGAS DEGOL has a fast growing reputation on the Cornish music and dance scene with their distinctive style of traditional music delivered with a powerful, raw edge. Their name in Cornish means 'Feast Day Band' in recognition of the occasion for which they originally came together - to accompany the famous Tom Bawcock's Eve lantern procession in Mousehole.

The band is Rick Williams (clarinet), David Twomlow (bag pipes and soprano saxophone), and Dave Trahair (tabor drum and percussion).

The core of the tune is generally weaved by tabor drums and bagpipes. Warped around those are the more modern instruments of clarinet and sax. Add in a few samples and dubs to build in the occasional change in the pattern and you've found a common theme.

Cornish and Breton come out of a similar Celtic tradition that holds it apart from it's better known neighbours. That comes through when you pick up the very subtle French undercurrents to some of the tracks.

Going to Grammy's House - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)
Jimmie's track Happy is Suffolk 'n" Cool's intro tune.
Jimmie"s playing just seems to keep on getting better and better. The recent tracks (such as this one) have some great team playing too. You can get Jimmie's music from his site at: