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Aug 31, 2006

A day of frequent distractions effected by the clouds scudding across the  huge Suffolk sky.
Also a day of last minute excitement and panic as we take delivery of a track only minutes from the mastering process.
With gigs to report on and gigs to look forward to, things are getting very busy in the Suffolk 'n Cool barn.

Title music is Happy from Jimmie Bratcher's 4th CD titled Red.

Intro: Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Last Saturday's gig
Judie Tzuke sang a few songs and introduced Mia Silvas, Ben Mark, Sarah Barton Keeley, Richard Lobb and Karen Louise with Tom Gearing.
A evening of really fine music from great new talent under the experienced eye of Jude who was so into their music that she was singing along with everyone!
Norwich Arts Centre is a really good venue in a disused church but don't go to Norwich looking for an old church within the old city walls (effectively the modern city centre) 31 of the 57 medieval churches remain. More than any other city north of the Alps.
This was a rare gig and a gave a boost to The Team Silvas fundrasing drive for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. They are also walking an unhealthy distance around lLondon very soon. You can sponsor via this link - and look who's in the team!

Frapper Map - welcome to Joss and Grant

Poisoned - The Chinkees (California, USA)
Another of Mike Park's Asian Man Records bands. This time led by Mike Park himself.
The Chinkees' name is not meant to be a racial slur, but just the opposite. It's meant to be a direct look at racism and the reality of it's presence... Organ-driven ska, lead by Mike Park, great songs about equality, racial issues and personal experiences!
 Mike Park, vocals
Greg Alesandro, guitar & vocals
Miya Zane Osaki, bass & vocals
Jason Thinh, guitar
Steve Choi, keyboards

Not doing gigs or recording at present maybe one day.

Tell me a lie _ Paula Toledo (Vancouver, Canada)
Paula Toledo graces the show again. She's touring all over Canada in the next couple of weeks. Check her lush website at

Lament at the lack of coffee-shop gigs in the UK

Veux qu'on m'applaudisse - Senor Assad (Paris, France)
Discover this talented french artist from Neuilly Paris. His french rap is very special since he is between rage and trippin very interesting lyrics in french of course. Un Rap Parisien qui change de ce qu'on connait des themes bien differents pas du rap de cite.

Only a single page website but lots of music to listen to!

Bob Dylan is the silhouette star of Apple's latest ipod commercial.
Apple CEO Steve Job's personal hero Bob Dylan appears in the ad, singing a song from his new album Modern Times.
The ad, which also features an iPod-wielding silhouette dancer, is mainly shot in black and white and is available to view on the Apple website at

Gigs coming up:
Saturday 2nd Sept - Tilting Sky's mini-fest.  The venue is the Banham Barrel in north Suffolk. Fulldetails at:

Norwich Wed 6 Sept, The Winelight Club at the Wine Press.
Tricia McTeague (from Liverpool and on the back of a year singing with the likes of Neil Finn (crowded House) and Ronan Keating to name but two) -
Alex Hill (Suffolk's finest singer/songwriter who belies her tender years. Be prepared to be amazed.)
Mia Silvas (Our new old friend just can't keep away, and how glad are we about that?) -
Tamsin Warley (Lancashire-born, London-based singer. "Emotive, passionate, melodic rock - a beautiful and confident sound." )
Jimmy Docherty (Another welcome return. An extraordinarily gifted guitarist, a charismatic performer and a great rock voice) 

Tables and food from 7pm and entertainment starts at 8.00pm.  There will be a small cover charge of £2.50 per person to cover artists' expenses.
Limited spaces available and bookings (probably essential) taken at The Wine Press
(01603 - 622134)
This event is kindly sponsored by

Norwich  on 15 Sept -  Music House featuring:
My Visor,  Anne Leech,  Taka with late slots from: Adam Moore and Faith Porter  and a six song slot from Marina Florence
Full details, times and directions at:

Norwich 16 Sept  Showcase at the Arts Centre featuring:
Sons of play.  Semi acoustic indie rock with strong 60s influences.
21against.  Guitars, loud drums and melodies from Llanelli in  South Wales.
Shane Olinski.  One of Norwich's most original and creative musicians.
Sally Rourke. self penned songs from this new singer songwriter.
Mary Lovett. Mary and Nick with great new songs.
Again, full details, times and directions at:

One day these legs won't dance - My Visor (Norwich, UK)
kathryn mac - vocals
keith brown - guitar, bass guitar, drums
I've been playing this lots on the My Visor MySpace site today. Then Keith sent me a remastered version, just in time to include in the show. So you are among the first to hear this track. Talk about a Suffolk ' n' Cool First Play!
Don't forget My Visor are playing at the Music House gig.

Keep Breathing - Piefinger (London, UK)

jana carpenter vocals & guitar
david sherwood bass & vocals
rachel steadman violin
glynne steele guitar & vocals
ben woollacott percussion

Reminder: the Piefinger album "Where you might go" has its launch party at The Phoenix near Oxford Circus in London on Thursday 21st Sept.  Details of the party and how to get the album are at:

City Skyline - Martha's Trouble  (Alabama, USA)
The third Martha's Trouble track I've played on Suffolk 'n' Cool.
When they released "Sleeping Dogs," Rob and Jen Slocumb were simply hoping to make a good record that would sell. They had worked to produce a disc that would attract attention from bigger record labels and make Martha's Trouble a more recognizable entity on the folk music scene.
They were recently in Barcelona for a wedding. Now that is one an impressive city and a great buzz too.
Show dates on their website although these may have been disrupted by a family situation so do check with the venue before turning up.