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Jul 19, 2006

Intro: Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Hot day in the UK and harvest is underway

Unblue - Silja Nordlindh (Denmark)
Silja, half Danish half Swedish, sings in many different constellations, but has finally decided to let her own music be enjoyed by the PMN. Started singing in musicals in the northern part of Denmark and since then, joined other bands and acting communities. But it's her own music that really brings it...  There we go again - run out of characters! No weblink for Silja yet but I'll keep an eye on it.

Irk - George Hrab (Pennsylvania, USA)
What don't we know about Geo! See last week's shownotes for details.

Movin in the right direction - Tracy Jane Comer (Winconsin, USA)
Tracy Jane Comer is a multi-instrumentalist and award-winning singer/songwriter, presenting multi-flavored acoustic originals. She earned nominations for both BEST ACOUSTIC ARTIST and BEST ACOUSTIC ALBUM by Madison Area Music Awards in 2004 and 2005.
It's great to hear her on Suffolk 'n' Cool again. I've been listening to this track all afternoon!

Dreaming - Hathead (Ontario, Canada)
Awakened after spending a millennium in cryogenic freezing with his hat on, HatHead discovers he is the only living human musician and so returns to the present to save music from the machines but .... seems to have been taken over by blog spammers!

YouTube's 'New' Terms Still Fleece Musicians
Musicians such as Billy Bragg have been complaining about networking/music site MySpace's terms of use - and rightfully so. MySpace is said to be changing its tune, and should be posting updated terms soon (currently, its About page is offline).
The video site YouTube constitutes an equal or larger threat to small content producers. Before you upload that video of your 19-person indie rocker reggae band, for instance, you may want to read the fine print.  YouTube's "new" Terms & Conditions allow them to sell whatever you uploaded however they want.

Among other things, this means they could strip the audio portion of any track and sell it on a CD.  Or, they could sell your video to an ad firm looking to get "edgy"; suddenly your indie reggae tune could be the soundtrack to a new ad for SUVs. The sky's still the limit, when it comes to the rights you surrender to YouTube when you upload your video.

See the whole story on the Wired blog at:

Waverly - Martha's Trouble (Alabama, USA)
When they released Sleeping Dogs, Rob and Jen Slocumb were simply hoping to make a good record that would sell. They had worked to produce a disc that would attract attention from bigger record labels and make Martha's Trouble a more recognizable entity on the folk music scene.  The music duo, who split their time between the U.S. and Canada, got what they were bargaining for, and much more.   

Forget October is available as a download album from iTunes
Live at Eighth & Rail album now available exclusively online and at shows.  Recorded November 2004 after "The Making of the Band" contest.

Wed. July 19 - Auburn, AL 8:00 PM : Niffer's Place
Sat. July 22, 2006 9:00 PM : Eighth & Rail

Stay Awhile - Paula Toledo (Vancouver, Cananda)
Melancholy shadowing optimism. Jangly guitars to atmospheric sounds. Paula Toledo's melodic pop songs have aired on Lifetime TV programs. Paula co-produced her current CD with Jonathan Anderson, additional prod. & mixing by David Odlum (Josh Ritter, The Frames) at Black Box Studios in France.

Get together - T Nile (British Columbia, Canada)
Like fresh-planed cedar, T. Nile's clawhammer stark music is nicely redolent of the west coast. If her rootsy EP is anything to go by, Nile may find herself and her much anticipated debut album dragged kicking from out behind the woodpile and into the front parlor mainstream.

Band comprises:
James Forrest on double and electric bass,
Kate Hennessy on harmony vocals, mandolin, and percussion, and
Malcolm Shoolbraid on drums and percussion.
Rounding out the album is Jon Wood on guitars, Tamara's Father, Dan the Man on melodica, harmonica, and washboard, and Adam Popowitz on mandolin and acoustic guitar.

New album "At My Table" has a Vancouver release party tomorrow night
(20th July) at the  Railway Club (get there early if you want a seat!)

All this talent in BC.

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