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May 10, 2006

Music this week from The UK, Australia via San Diego and Madison, Wisconsin.

Update from nearly 5 years into the future! I've been asked to point out that this show contains uncharacteristically strong language which you may want to avoid. I've changed the rating tag on the system but this MAY not show up in iTunes. Sorry. 

Peter (December 2010)

Life has teeth - You're so cool
Currently a one-man-band, Glen Swainston is a singer/songwriter from Leicester in the east Midlands of the UK. The track played is a demo although he is hoping to extend the line-up to become a whole band, at which point studio recording and touring will become a possibility.
According to his site, Glen is actively looking for band members and management so if you like what you hear and think you have something really good to offer, get in touch with Glen via his myspace.

Courtney Love does the math Courtney Love described how an apparently amazing record deal can turn sour when she addressed the Digital Hollywood Online Entertainment Conference in New York. The way that an apparently massive deal can get reduced to nothing is amazing and should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of a record deal to look very carefully at the figures before signing away their music.
The amazing thing is that so little changed for so long after Courtney's speech six years ago. I suppose the technology has evolved and produced the answer.
Courtney Love does the math

Peacock or peahen?
No sign of it just now when I popped out from the barn to check. I'll update the shownotes if it is spotted and photographed.

Lee Coulter - Booty Voodoo
An early (but not first) play for Lee whose production skills show up alongside his singer/songwriter talent in this track. Lee is Australian and is now a San Diego local. He got his start producing for other artists, now he's pursuing his own path, writing/performing/producing his original material. Check out his website for updates from the studio on his new album.
Gigs posted on his site today include Wednesday, 24th May 2006: 6pm - 8pm at Winstons OB w/Mike McGill 1921 Bacon st., San Diego, CA Free.
Sunday, 4th June 2006: From 7pm at Brick by Brick, with the Acoustic Alliance, 1130 Buenos Ave., San Diego. Cost: $6

Two nations divided by a common language - Hawkwind tour Seriously, if you know the name of the American dancer on that tour, please remind me. This is the bit that some might consider not entirely family safe.

Message from Bob in Japan.

Tracy Jane Comer - Drive for miles
I played Yellow Bike by Tracey Jane Comer a few weeks ago - and I keep going back to listen to it again so here's another track - full of contrasts but with Tracy Jane's wonderful voice throughout.
A singer of this talent deserves far more exposure so play it to your friends and pester other podcasters to take a listen. (Actually, we don't mind being pestered. It's the contact with listeners and bands that keeps us going.)

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