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It's been tricky to access all the shows in one place but at last, following some nudges from Clive (and a good few others), here's a wish come true.

This micro-site is the easiest place to listen to the entire SnC archive, all 429 shows.

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Jul 25, 2012

Great new independent music this week comes from MA, TX in the US, a couple of tracks from Toronto and Regina in Canada, a couple from London, plus one each from opposite ends of the world Brooklyn and Tasmania.

The weather finally turned hot in the past few days here in the east of England. The best thing about that...

Jul 18, 2012

It’s Adnams Artist of the Month time this week with a fascinating volunteer to select the winning artist, Kurt Hartle makes some insightful observations and comes up with a rather surprising but wholly deserving choice.

There was a time, not long ago, when coffee at a hotel would have been pretty dire. The Crown in...

Jul 11, 2012

A hand-picked selection of the freshest new music for you again this week with tracks from Brick+Mortar, The Glitch Mob, The Dust Engineers, Maren Parusel, Beast Make Bomb, House of Blondes and Crystalyne. 

BTW for those of a sensitive disposition there is a word in Snot Nosed Dweeb (no not any of those words) that...

Jul 4, 2012

This week, since the show falls on July 4th, we celebrate independence with tracks from three former British colonies or dependent territories, USA, Canada and Australia. Well, actually there are four with a final track from Morecambe (it’s in Lancashire but pretty much looks at the Cumbrian Fells across the bay).