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It's been tricky to access all the shows in one place but at last, following some nudges from Clive (and a good few others), here's a wish come true.

This micro-site is the easiest place to listen to the entire SnC archive, all 429 shows.

Explore the back catalogue of shows using the Episodes button (top right). 

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Apr 27, 2011

A slightly more country feel than seems quite normal this week, at least to a couple of tracks. There’s also a pre-release exclusive from what I believe to be one of the most talented artists around at the moment and much merriment besides. 

The show closes out with a pre-release play of a track from the legendary...

Apr 20, 2011

With the top music bars of Ibiza opening by the day (Mint Lounge opened last week with Savannah set for the big green button next Friday) the summer seems to be almost here. 

Having said that, it has actually been almost 10 degrees celsius warmer in Suffolk that in Mediterranean islands of Mallorca and Ibiza over the...

Apr 13, 2011

Suffolk 'n' Cool this week features a miscellany of music from London, Denmark, Manchester, New York, Washington, Nova Scotia, Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

A chill sea mist in over Southwold creates a great atmosphere, even if it is a bit cold. The Adnams pubs around the town seem even more attractive though.

Risen - Hey...

Apr 6, 2011

The Adnams Artist of the Month for March, is truly, "Adnams" pick, because this month the choice is made by Jonathan Adnams who’s family has been brewing in Southwold since 1872. 

Almost 140 years of family involvement and yet the man at the helm is totally alert to opportunities and new ways of working.

The brewery...