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It's been tricky to access all the shows in one place but at last, following some nudges from Clive (and a good few others), here's a wish come true.

This micro-site is the easiest place to listen to the entire SnC archive, all 429 shows.

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Sep 29, 2010

Suffolk 'n' Cool 239 features music from Germany, Mississippi, California, France, Brooklyn and Boston. We've news of the CMJ bun-fight in New York, a blogging challenge for musicians wanting to get to grips with promoting their music for themselves at low cost and a couple of tracks for you to download for yourself,...

Sep 22, 2010

Blues, dancehall and Euro-pop each contribute to the mix on SnC 238 this week.

We've tracks from Amsterdam, London, Jamaica, Germany and Canada as well as Nashville, New York and LA, along with guests Small City Calling from San Diego.

On Saturday a bunch of great folks turned out for the Adnams Coastal Clean at...

Sep 15, 2010

Despite an interruption from the Apache helicopters of the Army Air Corps, we have a fine selection of music this week from the super-melodic to the downright raunchy.

Autumn is here in Suffolk with showers and sunshine - but, hang on, that's what we were supposed to get in spring!


Dansi dans - For A Minor Reflection...

Sep 8, 2010

Quite a bit of music from California this week along with tracks from Ontario, Glasgow, Coventry and Toulouse in France.

The sea wasn't really this muddy yesterday but the movement in the water was awe-inspiring. The quick pint at The Lord Nelson wasn't bad either!

Artist of the month for August is announced in this...

Sep 1, 2010

Music right back to 1932 on Suffolk'n'Cool this week - along with lots of newer stuff!

Having spent the past week in winter clothing here in Suffolk, the remains of the summer appear to have gathered themselves up to make a decent show of a few days. The hops growing on the barn seem to appreciate it today...