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It's been tricky to access all the shows in one place but at last, following some nudges from Clive (and a good few others), here's a wish come true.

This micro-site is the easiest place to listen to the entire SnC archive, all 429 shows.

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Feb 28, 2007

Happy - Jimmie Bratcher

Just back from York, which has the most beautiful station (right).

Sarah Mac Band play SecondLife gig
Went to my first live gig in second life at the weekend. The Sarah Mac Band were playing live as part of a show which featured Lee Broderick. It was held on Muse...

Feb 21, 2007

Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Welcome to you, especially if you are a new listener - there seem to be more of us having a good time together each week!
Been out for a fix of live music again this week, Thursday saw the launch of a new venture, pretty much a collective of...

Feb 15, 2007

Ah, the romance of Wickham Market - roses and Asti Spumanti are sold out at the Co-op.

This weeks picture is of Albert Slade modelling a very fetching I listen, therefore I am - Suffolk 'n' Cool T shirt. Albert is exploring Second Life ( on my behalf. I do just wish he'd hitch his jeans up a bit -...

Feb 8, 2007

Local snow yesterday was amazingly local.
Norwich Arts Centre last night for Foy Vance, Fiona Bevan and Jamie Woon a great show, lovely atmosphere but another late night.
PMN approaches 30,000 songs. They are available for you to trawl through too. Just go to and search the music. OK, assuming...