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It's been tricky to access all the shows in one place but at last, following some nudges from Clive (and a good few others), here's a wish come true.

This micro-site is the easiest place to listen to the entire SnC archive, all 429 shows.

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Jul 27, 2006

Intro: Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Harvest well along. Thundery which seems to have brought out all the flies.

4 Barrel Carb Dual Exhaust P.O.S - Lords of the Highway (Ohio, USA)
Lords of the Highway from Cleveland, Ohio have been steering a hellbound rig through the...

Jul 19, 2006

Intro: Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

Hot day in the UK and harvest is underway

Unblue - Silja Nordlindh (Denmark)
Silja, half Danish half Swedish, sings in many different constellations, but has finally decided to let her own music be enjoyed by the PMN. Started singing in...

Jul 12, 2006

Intro: Happy - Jimmie Bratcher

Shiny toilet seat - well, that's Cambridge for you!

Two sides to love - Goat
Known to all as Goat, Andrew Scott Rosen grew up in Cleveland, the son of baseball great Al Rosen. Goat moved to New York where he managed to secure spots playing with the likes of...

Jul 5, 2006

Suffolk 'n' Hot!
Macs not bug-proof after all
Jimmie Bratcher - Happy.

They might be giants - Am I awake? - from EP Indestructible Object
Brooklyn's They Might Be Giants have cut a crazy and unmatched swath through popular culture during their 20-year career, continuously producing vital...