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Aug 24, 2006

Back from the coast and it's a bit of a First Play fest this week with three artists getting their first podcast play via the Podsafe Music Network.

Title music is Happy from Jimmie Bratcher's 4th CD titled Red.

Intro: Happy - Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)

There also seems to be a rush of big names signing up to PMN - this week adds John Mayall (yes, that John Mayall), song with 70s giants Emerson Lake and Palmer and blues legend, the late John Lee Hooker who has a few tracks from the album he was working on when he died in 2001 posted - now that seems like a good idea. Bands are forever failing to complete or release albums and that's often great music that is never heard.
A band I toured with, (roadie and sound) called Smith, Perkins and Smith, had one moderately successful album and another real cracker almost complete when they split. I'd love to get my ears around those recordings again and I think you'd love 'em too. I wonder where they are.

Music geek moment: The lead guitarist with SP&S, Wayne Perkins dubbed the really tasty licks onto much of the Wailers' Catch a Fire album. Note, particularly Concrete Jungle and Stir it Up.
He also contributed to Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark in 1974 and The Rolling Stones Black and Blue sessions (e.g. Fool to Cry). He was heavily tipped to replace Mick Taylor as guitarist with the Stones when Ronnie Wood got the gig. He's a great guy and I'd love to get in touch with him again - anyone know where he is? If so, and you are in contact he'll remember me as "Albert" (an old and forgotten nickname).

If it's OK with you I'll carry on playing you a few artists you've probably not heard before and who could use your support. You might buy their music or just go to their website and say how much you enjoy them. A bit of encouragement really does make a big difference to any artist.
Oh and while you are there mention that you heard them on Suffolk 'n' Cool, there's a love.

War is not the answer - Jah Sesco (Germany) FIRST PLAY
Reggae vom feinsten aus der Karibik direkt zu uns nach Frankfurt
For non-German speakers this translates as:
Reggae from the finest the Karibik directly to us to Frankfurt
Are you any the wiser?
Find this minimal information at

Soapbox - Seven Sided Star (London, UK) FIRST PLAY
7sided* is a one man musical machine playing anything he can get his hands on that makes a noise and making it into a tune with lyrics that actually mean something.
Theres just one 7sided*, he plays guitars, synths, keyboard, piano, to y piano, fisher price toys, drums, drum machines, bass and talks and kind of sings.
I just love this track. OK, it may be a bit challenging but that's good isn't it?

Let us all know what you think about the tunes played. You can leave a comment in the shownotes (click the comment button below the notes for each show) or if you have a microphone and a computer, leave a voice message on the MyChingo link and have your say.

Fallout renegade - Anemo (UK)
See notes from SnC 25. This track illustrates the versatility of vocalist Hazelle Woodhurst. I think it has echoes of Judie Tzuke.

Judie Tzuke is playing a rare gig on Norwich on Saturday at The Arts Centre. Box Office is at

Find somebody - Goat (New York, USA)
Another second track played this time from Goat who featured in SnC022. He has such a great voice and the music really rocks.

David Levitin is an associate professor at McGill University in Montreal and one of the world's leading experts in cognitive music perception and has referred to earworms. Sounds unpleasant, right?

Wired News asked the obvious questions: What is an earworm, and what doctor do I see if I get one?

"It's the name the Germans give to these songs that get stuck in your head that you can't get rid of. If they're really bothersome, you can do what Neil Young told me: Become a professional songwriter. He writes songs to get them out of his head.

"Failing that, the second thing you can do is go to a doctor and have them prescribe an antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug like Prozac or Ativan. Or the most common option, find an equally annoying song that's not bothering you right now, and it will replace the earworm with another one.

Tower Records have filed for bankruptcy in the USA for the second time in a year. According to the BBC, US retailer Tower Records has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. 
The bankruptcy filing comes after loss-making Tower was unable to find a suitable buyer.
Tower, which has 93 stores, has been unable to cope with competition from digital downloading and file copying.
Parent company MTS listed more than $100m of assets and $100m of debts.
The company closed its UK stores last year, but still has international outlets in Asia, Latin America and Israel.
Under Chapter 11 laws, the business can carry on trading while restructuring under court supervision.

Advance notice - Piefinger (show 14) finally have their album completed and will be holding a launch party on September 21st in central London.

Tilting Sky are promoting an all day show on Saturday 2nd September at Banham on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. At £4 for the whole day - wow!
Venue The Big Room at The Barrel, opposite Banham Zoo, Banham Norfolk.

Can't believe - Pippa Rogers (UK)
Growing up in a music loving family Pippa was surrounded by a range of musical influences hearing everything from The Beatles to The Incredible String Band to Pink Floyd but it was always the strong female voices that most caught her attention.

Free - Roly Skender (Australia) FIRST PLAY
Roly Skender is a Perth based musician/performer/producer.
Electric Umbrella is his new full length album, the follow-up to last year's heavily supported EP and JJJ play-listed single 'Free'. It's refreshing pop music, pure but not quite so simple.

Little girl giant
If you do nothing else this week or next, check out this link. It leads to a short film about an amazing event which happened in Horseguards Parade in London a few months ago. Did everyone else know about this? Why wasn't I told!

Have fun over the week, perhaps see you at the Judie Tzuke gig.