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Hello Suffolk 'n' Cool listeners. It's great to have you along.

The show is on long-term hiatus right now but there is a wealth of great independent music in the archives for your listening pleasure.

Full shownotes are published on the Suffolk 'n' Cool main site.

Jun 29, 2011

Based in Cape Breton, Canada, Matt Andersen (here at the barn with Peterhas a larger than life showmanship that has been earning him a fervent and steadfast audience wherever he graces the stage. Matt's sprawling blues, roots and rock musical hybrid with his sorrowing and soulful voice and astonishing guitar-playing...

Jun 22, 2011

A rum old mix of musical styles this week with some pretty chilled sounds right up against some chunky blues in a feature on Trevor Sewell. 

Last weekend the Blue Bus Tour visited Woodbridge. Great little touring idea. Solar-powered stage from the VW bus.

Help - Philco Fiction (Oslo, Norway)

Jun 15, 2011

Music from Belfast, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Los Angeles, France and Western Australia.

This morning I met up with the person who probably has the dream job at the Adnams brewery, that of the chief beer tester. There to interview Belinda Jennings for the show and find out who has made it as artist of...

Jun 8, 2011

Music from all over the shop this week although a couple are from Italy and news of another session at the barn coming up soon.

I forgot to mention in the show that there is a +1 button just to the right here > give it a click if you "like".

I couldn't resist using this pic of part of the new Adnams distillery which...

Jun 1, 2011

One of our occasional series of Sessions at the Barn. This time it's a live session with New Zealand musician Jordan Reyne, recorded last Friday at the Suffolk 'n' Cool barn near the east coast of England. 

Children of a Factory Nation, the new and, as yet, unreleased album from Jordan Reyne, is a tour de force, not...