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Hello Suffolk 'n' Cool listeners. It's great to have you along.

The show is on long-term hiatus right now but there is a wealth of great independent music in the archives for your listening pleasure.

Full shownotes are published on the Suffolk 'n' Cool main site.

Jan 27, 2010

Fine music for you again this week from London, San Francisco, New York, Hungary, Washington, New Jersey, Wales and Maryland.

I had misplaced the picture of the SnC 200 cake which was waiting over in the house after the show a couple of weeks ago. Ah well, better late then never.

Libsyn have introduced a new...

Jan 20, 2010

Some gutsy tunes this week from Montreal, Ireland, UK, Timbuktu, Sweden, Madrid, Nassau and the East Village in NYC. What? Nothing from Brooklyn!
No time to take a picture today, but I was reminded, in a conversation with that it is a while since we've partaken of a pint or two together - I think this...

Jan 13, 2010

I'm really excited by the selection of fine new tuneage this week. Some great contrasts and representations from a couple of styles that don't feature too often on Suffolk 'n' Cool. But hang on, that's what SnC is all about isn't it? Playing the unexpected to revive jaded ears. :)
I am. however, getting rather bored by...

Jan 6, 2010

Music this week from London, Minneapolis, Cairo, Paris, Tiblisi, somewhere else in France, California and Toronto.
The world around the barn seems to have become a black and white movie in the past few weeks but at least I didn't waste money on colour film for this weeks picture taken from the back window of the barn....