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Hello Suffolk 'n' Cool listeners. It's great to have you along.

The show is on long-term hiatus right now but there is a wealth of great independent music in the archives for your listening pleasure.

Full shownotes are published on the Suffolk 'n' Cool main site.

May 31, 2006

Music this week from South Africa, LA, New York and New Jersey including another Suffolk 'n' Cool FirstPlay.

Jimmie Bratcher - Happy.

Living life on the edge again this week with thunder clouds around and no UPS yet. It should be here today.

Saint Dragon - Star Whores
Punk Emo band from...

May 24, 2006

A packed show again with a real diversity of styles and locations, from a piano and guitar duo to Chicago Blues and from Alberta, Canada to Paris. We've also got another official Suffolk and Cool "firstplay" on the Podsafe Music Network as well as a first podcast play for a band that isn't even on the PMN yet.
It was a...

May 17, 2006

This week's fine selection of quirky tunes comes from San Francisco, London, the West Midlands, Los Angeles and West Virginia.

Shankin' Pickle - Thick Ass Stout
Something of a legend, SF based Shankin Pickle maintain the fine tradition of ska. A legend, apparently without a website - if you know of one, perhaps you'll...

May 10, 2006

Music this week from The UK, Australia via San Diego and Madison, Wisconsin.

Update from nearly 5 years into the future! I've been asked to point out that this show contains uncharacteristically strong language which you may want to avoid. I've changed the rating tag on the system but this MAY not show up in iTunes....

May 3, 2006

Music this week from Sweden, New Jersey, California and Japan

Jet Vicious - Gasoline on Fire
A first podcast play for this band from Lidkoping in Sweden. Very little is known about them other than that they comprise:
Robert Granli - Vocals
Martin Henningsson - Drums
Linkan - Bass
Mikael Rogbrant - Guitar
Mikael Sahlin -...